Sunday, January 08, 2012

Darrell Bock on the Bible

"The Bible is not a book like any other. It makes a claim that God spoke and speaks through its message. It argues that as his creatures, we are accountable to him for what he has revealed. The trustworthiness of Scripture points to its authority as well. Scripture is far more than a history book, as good and trustworthy as that history is. It is a book that calls us to examine our lives and relationship to God. Beyond the fascinating history, it contains vital and life-transforming truths about God and us."

- Darrell Bock
Can I Trust the Bible, p. 52.


Anonymous said...

This is theology, not reason. It's claims, not evidence.

It's good to clearly state your position, and Dr. Bock has done so here, but WHY should I accept what he claims?

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