Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ehrman's Problem: A Critique by Clay Jones

In his book, God’s Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question—Why We Suffer, Bart Ehrman makes the case that neither Christians nor the Bible can answer why God, if He were to exist, would allow “the cesspool of misery and suffering” that many people endure. Ehrman says he couldn’t reconcile his faith with horrendous evils, and his book presents the reasons why.

Clay Jones, Associate Professor of Christian Apologetics at Biola University, offers a multi-part critique of Ehrman's book. Find links to the "Ehrman's Problem" posts here:

• Problem 1: He Misreads the Bible and Impugns God’s Fairness
• Problem 2: Free Will and Natural Evil
• Problem 3: God Could Have Made Us So We'd Always Do Right
• Problem 4: Why Won't We Abuse Free Will In Heaven?
• Problem 5: God Should Intervene More To Prevent Free Will's Evil Use
• Problem 6: He’s Confused About the Free Will Defense
• Problem 7: The "Classical View" and the Holocaust
• Problem 8: The Strawman
• Problem 9: He Minimizes the Horror of Sin
• Problem 10: Special Pleading



Ex N1hilo said...

I commend Dr. Jones for affirming that natural evil came into the world through Adam's sin. Christians are abandoning the Bible's clear teaching in this area in droves, in favor of Uniformitarianism.

Often, the doctrines of the fall, original sin, and even the existence of Adam and Eve as historical persons are devalued or denied as a result.

Joel Wingo said...

Great post!

Alex Blagojevic said...

I recommend you read Dr. Jones' articles. They are excellent. Unfortunately, the mass will always read the lies rather than the truth. That is why Ehrman sells so many copies of his books. So often when faced with the Gospel, you have to choose between popularity/self-preservation or truth. Thank God that people like Dr. Jones chooses the second.

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