Monday, January 23, 2012

Interview with Apologetics UK

Today's interview is with Daniel Rodger and Calum Miller, founders of the Apologetics UK Blog and UK Apologetics Facebook group. They talk about the state of apologetics in the United Kingdom, unique cultural challenges, the goal of the Apologetics UK blog, blogging as an apologetic/evangelistic tool, the growing UK Apologetics Facebook group, and the future of apologetics in the UK.

Full MP3 Audio here (25 min)

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Steve Wilkinson said...

Great discussion, but I just wanted to comment that outside a few pockets in the US (and Canada), I don't think the situation is all that different from what Daniel and Calum were describing in the UK, especially in the larger cities. Christianity is more visible in the media image of the US (often around controversy though), but on the ground, I don't think it's much different. Apologetics certainly hasn't widely gotten down to the church level.

Unknown said...

Brian thanks for having this young promising apologists. I love this interview!!

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