Thursday, April 29, 2010

Apologetics Toolkit: Tips for the Apologetic Life #02

This continues the Apologetics Toolkit series on: Tips for the Apologetic Life. The goal behind this series of 5 tips is to provide a few ideas on how to take the ideas studied in apologetics and apply them to "real life" situations. This particular tip has to do with applying and using what you know.

Tool #02: Use What You Have

1. Start small
Many people pray for some sort of ministry and ignore what is in front of them. Part of the reason is that they are looking for something big when they should be looking for something small to be faithful with. (Luke 16:10) Small things are what you want to do, because when you start out you will fail often! It is better to fail at the small things and learn from them before moving on to bigger things. But it is in the small things that you build character, consistency, and time-tested credibility.

2. Use opportunities right in front of you
A friend wanted to go to Bible college. Someone suggested reading a basic Christian Beliefs book first. He started. Did he finish? Ten weeks later that remains to be seen. Consider this:
• Some wish to go to seminary - but don't want to become readers.
• Some want to speak to thousands - but won't start with a few.
• Some want to go to the mission field - but won't do personal evangelism.
• Some want to write books - but won't start with a blog.
• Some want to win the world - but won't start with their family.
• Some want to be paid ministers - but won't support other ministries.
The point is this: many have great aspirations that will never materialize because they don't make a humble start.

3. Keep doing the small things
The Proverbs tell the sluggard to "go to the ant" to learn to be wise (Proverbs 6:6-11). Perhaps part of the wisdom of the ant is that he doesn't wait for someone to come along and give him something great to do. But the ant goes to work by picking up a grain of sand and moving it. And then he just keeps doing that little thing until eventually something bigger comes out of it. (video) From personal experience, this blog represents one single blog post. That is, one single blog post at a time.

What does this look like in a in everyday life? It looks like this:
Try to find something small right in front of you that you can do right now. Do it consistently, with excellence, as unto the Lord. Make a list of your apologetics goals and then do one small thing every day that will move you in that direction. Many won't take this advice - because it's too simple.

What opportunities are right in front of you?


failedatheist said...

Great points Brian, its easy to forget, if we're not faithful in the little things how will God entrust us with much bigger things.

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