Monday, April 05, 2010

Apologist Interview: Michael Licona

Today's interview is with Michael Licona. He is the Apologetics Coordinator at the North American Mission Board. Mike is a frequent speaker on university campuses, churches, and has appeared on dozens of radio and television programs. His Ph.D. is in New Testament Studies from the University of Pretoria. His website is and more of his material can be found at

He talks about his ministry, influences, his upcoming book, his criteria for justifying historical hypotheses, resources he would recommend for studying the resurrection, the Certified Apologetics Instructor program, and more.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here. (48 minutes)

Many of Mike's debates can be found here. One with Bart Ehrman here, and his first Richard Carrier debate here.

His videos answering Bart Ehrman can be found here.

Books by Mike Licona include:
Paul Meets Muhammad
The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus

He has two upcoming books for release in 2010:
50 Arguments for Faith from the Bible, History, Philosophy, and Science, with co-editor William Dembski (Baker, July 2010)
The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach (IVP Academic, November 2010)


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Jason Engwer said...

Thanks, Brian. Your work is appreciated.

Kyle Essary said...

This was a great interview! Good work. I'm wondering about something Mike says at the end. He refers to his "most recent period of doubt" that was very serious. Is he talking about his struggles back in the 80s, before spending time with Habermas, getting his M.A.'s and Ph.D.?

Brian said...

I hesitate to answer because I am not 100% sure - but I get the impression that Mike was really trying to check his bias during the PhD studies and it meant going back and questioning certain assumptions over again. However, I am not sure on that.

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