Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Douglas Groothuis Apologetics Course Audio Feed

Christian philosopher and apologist Dr. Douglas Groothuis has an apologetics course consisting of 44 audio files. Although this can be downloaded one by one on the Ultimate Apologetics MP3 Audio page, now you can download them as a complete batch via RSS Feed here or add them directly into iTunes with one click here.

RSS Feed / iTunes 1-click podcast

You may also be interested to check out the table of contents of Groothuis' upcoming apologetics book What Matter Most. His blog is here. More Doug Groothuis resources here.



John Sfifer said...


The Itunes link only shows the first video (Introductory Lecture). I see all on the RSS link.

Thanks for posting these.

Robert Kunda said...

The iTunes link works fine here.

John Sfifer said...

Thanks, I see it now. Sorry I just started using Itunes this week (I just bought an IPad). Thanks!

Brian said...

iPad, eh? Give us a report on if it is really the 'game-changer' or not.

Anonymous said...

I can't find the iTunes "get all" feature on the podcast menu....

Brian said...

Peggy, click here to see what it looks like in the iTunes program under the category of podcasts.

I hope that helps.

Dante said...

Awesome, thanks!

I enjoyed the Groothuis links you posted a while back, the ones about truth decay, a short course on defending Christian apologetics, and the Lordship of Christ in culture.

BTW, I also enjoyed the Apologetics315 interviews. Excellent questions and invaluable insights from the apologists.

God bless!

Robert Kunda said...

I finished these a week or two ago. This lecture series is an amazing resource—one that I plan on revisiting very soon! Thanks for making this available.

Unknown said...

These stopped working all of a sudden. Do you know what's up with these?

Brian said...

Working on the fix... should be back to normal within a day, likely.

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