Friday, April 23, 2010

Featured Resource: Affirming the Bible's Reliability by

Jim Wallace over at has just released another great resource: Affirming the Bible's Reliability. This is one of the academy courses over at PCM, which includes 10 lessons with audio, PDFs, Bible inserts, videos, and more. All of PCM's resources are recommended and are all free. Great for group or personal study.
These lessons cover:
• Transmissional Reliability of the Old and New Testaments
• Archeological Reliability of the Old and New Testaments
• Prophetic Reliability of the Old and New Testaments
• Scientific Reliability of the Bible
• Harmonious Reliability of the Bible
• Thematic Reliability of the Bible
• Eyewitness Reliability of the Gospel of Mark

Check them out HERE. More courses here. Jim's podcast here. Jim's videos here.



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