Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apologist Interview: Sarah Ankenman of

Today's interview is with Sarah Ankenman, founder of the International Society of Women in Apologetics. She talks about her influences, the importance of women in apologetics, ISWA, how to get involved with the society, and ISWA's resources. Also mentioned: ICR, Veritas Evangelical Seminary, Norman Geisler's books, and the International Society of Christian Apologetics.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here. (20 minutes)



Joel Wingo said...

Wow, it's great to see how the Lord is working through Sarah since she graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible College. It will be wonderful to see many more women become equipped and "always be ready to give and answer" for the great hope we have in Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Nice job!

Roger Sharp

Mo said...

It's great to see other women who are interested in apologetics! It's always been an interest of mine, but most of the time I feel completely alone in it.

I'm tired of women's ministries being all based on emotional experiences. I want to THINK and be stretched in that way. We have the truth. Let's act like it!

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