Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jesus in the New Testament & Beyond MP3 Audio by Paul Maier

Historian Dr. Paul Maier (web page / books) presents this lecture (courtesy of Chesterton House) on the topic of: Jesus in the New Testament and Beyond. This is an entertaining and informative talk discussing historical evidences surrounding Christ. Paul Maier also mentions the outcome of his debate with Dan Barker. [Original audio found here, (H/T: Mariano)]

Full MP3 Audio here. (90 min)



Anonymous said...

Brian, how do you do find all these great resources?

My Dad and I are fans of Paul Maier. I like him because he is a professor at a secular university, but still affirms Christianity well.

Brian said...


With help from good friends.

This was a great lecture - and you can't beat the Michigan accent. This is a good lecture to point people to who deny that Jesus exists.

Russell said...

I have to agree. I am half way through this one and completely hooked. Thanks Brian!

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