Monday, April 09, 2012

Apologist Interview: Vocab Malone

Today's interview is with apologist and hip-hop artist Vocab Malone. He talks about his debates, relationships with atheists, being confrontational without being adversarial, the Backpack Radio podcast, "street-level" apologetics, his background in hip-hop, purpose and message in the music, Wayne Grudem's systematic theology raps (you'll hear one), being in the world but not of it, overcoming challenges to engagement, cultural involvement and discernment, being committed and submitted to the local church (great stuff), putting knowledge into practice, and more. Check out or for Vocab's stuff.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here. (40 min)

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Anonymous said...

GREAT interview. Vocab shows depth and emphasized the importance of belonging to a local body. Look forward to hearing and reading more of his work. Thanks, Brian!

Billy Squibs said...

I must admit that I only listened to this interview to fill the time spent sitting on the bus on my way to work. "Vocab Malone" - you're kidding, right?

But after listening to the interview I'm a convert! Vocab was intelligent, funny and contributed a lot of valuable advice in the 40 minutes. I've since worked through a number of the Backpack Radio podcasts and I've enjoyed them all thoroughly - this despite my reservations about Calvinism.

Put your scepticism aside and give this a listen!

Matt said...

Just got around to listening to this one - the intro hooked me pretty well, rapping to Grudem was interesting sounding enough to get me to listen. I just really appreciate how hard this guy tries to be in and not of the world. I'm gonna give his podcast a listen once I'm caught up on Apologetics 315 and a couple of other things.

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