Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Testament Introduction Series by Ben Witherington

Bible scholar Ben Witherington has an excellent course over at on New Testament Introduction. This is a 17-part audio series, with each lecture over an hour long. The course covers 5 main subject areas: 1) the history of the period in which the NT was written; 2) the social and cultural milieu in which early Christians lived; 3) the practice of the scholarly study of the NT; 4) questions of introduction about the books of the NT; and 5) the practice of exegesis and hermeneutics. Definitely worth examining, along with the other great resources provided by

Check out New Testament Introduction here.


pds said...

This is a brilliant lecture series: well worth your time and very engaging. Witherington has a fine grasp of the latest research in the culture and interpretation of NT texts. I am very glad to see him on Biblical Training!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Thanks, Brian.

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