Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (04/06 - 04/13)

Here are this week's recommended apologetics links. Enjoy.
Who Are You To Judge?
Evidences Jesus is ALIVE
Logical Fallacies Infographic
Mike Licona On The Resurrection
Introduction to Cosmology Podcast
Where do Atheists Find Meaning? (MP3)
How to Lose Your Influence in Theology
Correcting four myths about the Crusades
10 Essential Points about the Resurrection
C.S. Lewis on Rationality and Materialism
On Guard Conference: July 27 & 28 - Oklahoma
Born Atheists? Science and Natural belief in God
Shroud of Turin continues to baffle researchers
The Ontological Argument for the Existence of God
Is There Ever Enough Evidence for the Hyper-Skeptic?
Miracles, materialism, and quantum mechanics (video)
Would Pontius Pilate have Released a Prisoner at Passover?
Who Really Wrote the Gospels? by Chuck Swindoll (not really)
An Interview with Daniel B. Wallace on the New Testament Manuscripts
Outlining the Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth
William Lane Craig presents the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus
Easter is a good time to learn how to defend the resurrection of Jesus
Online Apologetics Conference Next week (Brian Auten speaking on Avoiding Apologetics Pitfalls)

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