Monday, April 30, 2012

Philosopher Interview: R. Scott Smith

Today's interview is with R. Scott Smith, Associate Professor of Ethics and Christian Apologetics at Biola University (previous interviews here and here). He talks about his latest book, Naturalism and Our Knowledge of Reality (review here), defining naturalism, motivations for naturalism, methodological naturalism, ways of viewing reality, Darwinian views, the evolutionary argument against naturalism (similarities/differences), naturalism's ontological resources, some objections to his view, testing religious truth-claims, and more.

Full Interview MP3 Audio (90 min)

Books by R. Scott Smith include:
• Naturalism and Our Knowledge of Reality
Virtue Ethics and Moral Knowledge
Truth and the New Kind of Christian: Emerging Effects of Postmodernism in the Church

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Penjammin said...

I SOOOOO want an mp3 player!!!!

Mikel said...

Excellent. Thanks for doing this interview, Brian. I linked to this from my site. Keep up the great work!

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