Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Resurrection of Jesus by Tim McGrew

In this lecture, entitled The Resurrection of Jesus, Dr. Timothy McGrew present a case for the resurrection of Jesus based upon five facts found in the Gospels. He evaluated other competing hypotheses, showing that the resurrection alone accounts for all the historical data. This is about 45 minutes of content followed by fifteen minutes of Q&A. PowerPoint file is here. Handout PDF here. Visit the Library of Historical Apologetics. This is the sixth part of a series—part 1 here; part 2 here; part 3 here.

Full MP3 Audio here. (1hr 30min)
Video on YouTube here.


NFQ said...

"... based on five facts found in the Gospels."

Hmm. Would you accept a proof that Islam is true based on five facts found in the Qur'an? How about a proof that Hinduism is true based on five facts found in the Mahabharata?

Honest question. I hope to get a serious answer.

Brian said...


Thanks for the good question.

Just because something is in the Gospels (or in the Qur'an) does not automatically cause them to be illegitimate. The question is whether or not those are historically reliable facts.

In the case of the facts referred to in the talk, judge them on their historical merits. I think many times people categorize the Bible as a "holy book" and divorce it from the reality that it is a collection of ancient documents.

The difference with Christianity is that it is based on historical events, which, if true, validate the identity of Jesus. I don't see that happening in the books you mentioned.

Anyway, the notes for the talk are there for downloading—and of course the lecture and PowerPoint as well. They will provide a little more explanation as well.

Edward said...

Hi Brian

Quick one, this is labelled as 06-mcgrew... where the previous ones (1 to 3) were 01-.., 02-.., 03-..) are we missing numbers 4 and 5 somewhere?

McGrew mentioned he was going to talk about Biblical contradictions (internal and external) in his next talks in the last one I downloaded (number 3).

Brian said...


The other lectures are forthcoming. This one on the resurrection was just moved forward in the series to coincide with Easter.

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