Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (04/20 - 04/27)

Here are this week's recommended apologetics links. Enjoy.
Creatio de Novo
Debunking Stenger
A Quote on Prayer
Logical Fallacies Chart
Charles Colson, 1931-2012
The Resurrection Hypothesis
Apologetics Resources for Kids
drcraigvideos: the Fall and Rise
How to Argue and Disagree Amicably
What is the case for intelligent design?
Richard Dawkins’ scientific fallacies
The Mormonism 101 Series by James White
William Lane Craig's new YouTube Channel
Seven Ways To Pray for Your Prayer Life
Combining Internal and External Evidence
Formulating a Modest Fine-Tuning Argument
The Real Barrier to Unguided Human Evolution
Craig Evans on The So-Called Jesus Discovery
On Guard Conference: July 27 & 28 - Oklahoma
Dr. John Lennox's Video On God, Science, and Genesis
Revisiting the Positive Case for Intelligent Design
Why Every Christian Must Practice Epistemic Humility
Shermer on Evolutionary Accounts of Ethical Beliefs
Why are Matthew and Luke's genealogies different?
Ticket GiveAway: Unbelievable Conference 2012
A response to those who are skeptical of miracles
The Resurrection: Fact or Myth? Part 1 (podcast)
William Lane Craig debates Victor Stenger: Does God Exist?
Luke Barnes reviews Victor Stenger’s critique of cosmic fine-tuning
Do objective moral values really exist? Is moral relativism true?
Interview with Dr. William Lane Craig on the Resurrection of Jesus (video)
Is the dismissal by asserting “fallacy of personal incredulity” itself a fallacy?
The Resurrection Argument that Changed a Generation of Scholars (Habermas vid)
• For evidence for Jesus outside the NT: Jesus Outside the New Testament: An Introduction to the Ancient Evidence

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Randy Everist said...

These links are always good, and I hate to complain, but with respect to the Logical Fallacy chart (which was done very well, btw), there is one glaring error: he/she asserts that "circular reasoning" is logically incoherent. But that is not actually the case, as what is logically incoherent is impossible to be true. There's nothing inherent in circular reasoning to suggest the entire state of affairs cannot be true. If he/she meant "incoherence" as the colloquial usage, it means it has no meaning. But even within the example, it clearly does have a meaning. Anyway, end rant. :)

dgfisch said...


I love the Logical Fallacy chart you have referred to as well. But I have a question as to one inclusion. That is the Fallacy of the Slippery Slope. It seems to be a recent addition, and I am wondering to the logical rationale to the objection of a simply event becoming the cause of further misfortunes down the line. Is it an objection to any matter of causality, the difficulty of determining a line of cause-effect sequences with any accuracy, or some other reason.

I would love to be schooled on this point. Any ideas?

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