Monday, April 02, 2012

Interview About the 2012 Online Apologetics Conference

Today's interview is with Anthony Horvath, the director of Athanatos Christian Ministries. He defines and talks about using story, the masters of using story, the goal of the Online Apologetics Conference, the keynote speaker and main topics, art and the apologist, how to attend the online conference, the list of speakers, how this conference helps to promote apologetics in the local church, past conference resources, and how to get involved. The free and open public conference is on April 19th. Registrants can attend the April 20th and 21st sessions. Check out the conference website at Conference schedule here.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here (26 min)

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dgfisch said...

I am intrigued at the idea of using the form of story to express a Scriptural truth over against using some heavy philosophical argument that could sometimes confuse one or only work to make the issue more obscure.

I appreciate the references to Chesterton, Lewis, and O'Connor as strong voices for expressing apologetical points. Sometimes I thin the Christian genre is too tranparent. Now that I think that Calvin Miller's Singer-Song-Finale trilogy is poor writing, or that Frank Peretti's This Present Darkness is not riveting (and don't get my wife started on Janette Oke or Lauraine Snelling). But they have a "written by Christians for Christians" feel to them.

It is so hard to write these days without being suspected of having a hidden agenda or heavily veiled moral to your story. This conference seems to offer new horizons to getting an idea across without pressing the issue to the painful point.

Bruce Hennigan said...

I am one of the speakers at the conference and I will be discussing some of the current offerings in "Christian speculative fiction" that is Christian fantasy, science fiction, and horror that use apologetics as part of their premises. Thanks for your insight.

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